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Created 4-Jun-12
31 photos

Photographa of Crops.
Swathed small grain field, North Dakota-1Wet trail through green cropland, North Dakota-1Straw bales on a stubble field, North Dakota-1Hay bales in a field on a summer afternoon, North Dakota-1Two tractors on a hay field-1Straw bales in a stubble field-1Crop land and a dry slough, North Dakota-1John Deere combine harvesting grain, North Dakota-1Gravel road through green cropland, North Dakota-1Canola field in flowerCanola field in flower, North Dakota-1Canola and WindtowerCanola and Wind TurbinesWheat at sunset, North Dakota (1 of 1)Ripening wheat field, North Dakota-1Sunflower head (1 of 1)Sunflower field in bloom, North Dakota (1 of 1)Sunflower field near Berthold, North Dakota-1Sunflowers in BloomSunflower Medley

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