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Created 4-Jun-12
20 photos

Images of sandpipers.
Upland Sandpiper on a Power PoleUpland Sandpiper on the GroundBaird's SandpiperBaird's Sandpipers-2Least SandpiperLeast Sandpiper-3Least Sandpiper-4Sandpipers on a Rock-2Semipalmated Sandpiper in a MarshSemipalmated Sandpiper in a Marsh-26_2_12_Shorebirds_Flight-5Stilt SandpiperUpland Sandpiper on a Post-3Upland Sandpiper on a Post-2Upland Sandpiper on a Power Pole-2Upland Sandpiper on PostUpland Sandpiper on the Ground-2White-Rumped SandpiperLeast SandpiperUpland Sandpiper

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