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Created 4-Jun-12
45 photos

Images of Northern Shovelers.
Blue-winged teal and Shoveler on a BankBlue-winged teal and Shoveler on a Bank-2Cattle and Ducks, North Dakota Prairie Pothole CountryDrake Northern ShovelerFall Shovelers FeedingHen Northern ShovelerHen ShovelerIcy ShovelersIcy Shovelers-2Norhern Shovelers - Bosque del Apache NWRNorthern Shoveler Drake ReflectionNorthern Shoveler Drake Reflection-2Northern Shoveler Drake Reflection-2-2Northern Shoveler Ducks FlushingNorthern Shoveler Ducks Flushing-2Northern Shoveler FlushingNorthern Shoveler FlushingNorthern Shoveler Flushing-2-2Northern Shoveler in Spring ColorsNorthern Shoveler in the Marsh

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