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Created 4-Jun-12
127 photos

Photographs of snow geese.
Snow geese feeding on the North Dakota Prairie-4Snow geese flying at sunset-2Snow geese feeding on the North Dakota PrairieSnow geese feeding at sunsetSnows - Prairie FeastSnows Feeding at dusk-2Snow geese feeding on the North Dakota Prairie-3Snows Feeding at duskSnow geese flying at sunsetSnow geese landing to feedSnow geese at sunrise-2Snow geese at sunriseWintering SnowsSnow Geese and a Full MoonSnow Geese and a Full Moon-2Snow Geese at Sunrise PanoSnow Geese Flushing-2Snow Geese and Cranes Feeding on Waste CornWintering Snows Geese - New Mexico-2Snow Geese Feeding in Corn-3

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