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Created 4-Jun-12
50 photos

Images of scaup and ringbill ducks.
Canvasback and Scaup Taking FlightCanvasback and Scaup Taking Flight-4Canvasback and Scaup Taking Flight-5Canvasback and Scaup Taking Flight-6Scaup in FlightScaup in flightScaup in Flight-2Scaup in Flight-3Scaup in Flight-5Scaup in Flight-6Scaup in Flight-7Scaup in Flight-8Scaup landingScaup mating flightScaup mating flightDrake ScaupRedheads and other Waterfowl in a PondRedheads and other Waterfowl in a Pond-2Ringbill Ducks on a PondRingbill Ducks on a Pond-2

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