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Created 4-Jun-12
19 photos

Photographs of Marbled Godwits.
Marbled Godwit in Flight-4Marbled Godwit in Flight-2Marbled Godwit in Flight-3Marbled Godwit in FlightMarbled GodwitMarbled Godwit Flock on a PondMarbled Godwit on a Fence PostMarbled Godwit on a PondMarbled Godwit on a Pond, PreeningMarbled Godwit on a Pond-2Marbled Godwit on the Ground-4Marbled Godwit on the Ground with Wings SpreadMarbled Godwit on the Ground with Wings Spread-2Marbled Godwit on the Ground-2Marbled Godwit on the Ground-3Marbled Godwit on the GroundMarbled Godwit on the PrairieMarbled Godwit on the Prairie-2Ruff and Godwit

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