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Created 4-Jun-12
101 photos

Images of Sharptail Grouse.
Shaptail Grouse on Lek at Sunrise, North DakotaSharptail Grouse-9Sharptail Grouse Dancing-16Sharptail Grouse Dancing-15Sharptail Grouse Dancing-14Sharptail Grouse Dancing-4-2Sharptail Grouse Dancing-4Sharptail Grouse Dancing-5Sharptail Grouse Dancing-5Sharptail Grouse Dancing-6-2Sharptail Grouse Dancing-6Sharptail Grouse Dancing-7Sharptail Grouse Dancing-13Sharptail Grouse Dancing-3Sharptail Grouse DancingSharptail Grouse Dancing-12Sharptail Grouse in the Trees at SunriseSharptail Grouse Nest-1Sharptail Grouse on a Lek-19Sharptail Grouse on a Lek-20

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