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Created 4-Jun-12
30 photos

Photographs of grasses, forbs, and similar vegetation.
Poison Ivy in the North Dakota Turtle Mountains (1 of 1)Seed pods, North Dakota (1 of 1)Vines on an abandoned farmstead building, North Dakota (1 of 1)Thistles in a North Dakota field (1 of 1)Wheat ready for harvest-1Vine in the Missouri River bottomlands, North Dakota (1 of 1)Wheat at sunset, North Dakota (1 of 1)Clover (1 of 1)Grass in a North Dakota marsh (1 of 1)Poison Ivy in the Turtle Mountains of North Dakota (1 of 1)Frosty cattails in a North Dakota marsh (1 of 3)Grasslands in North Dakota (1 of 1)Foxtail on the edge of a North Dakota marsh (1 of 1)Sand reed in the North Dakota Turtle Mountains (1 of 1)Bee and sage, North Dakota (1 of 1)Grasslands, North Dakota (1 of 1)Foxtail, North Dakota (1 of 1)Grass, North Dakota (1 of 1)Grass along Highway 1, California (1 of 1)11_15_10_Coastal_Scenery-16

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