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Created 4-Jun-12
28 photos

Hunting photos.
Harvested birds and shotgun-6Harvested birds and shotgun-2Harvested birds and shotgun-4-2Harvested birds and shotgun-3A Limit of Rooster PheasantsHarvested birds and shotgun-2Harvested birds on old abandoned carTurkey, shotgun, and callHarvested birds and shotgunHarvested birds and shotgun-5Harvested birds and shotgun-4Harvested birds and shotgun-7Coyote, snowshoes, and rifleVizsla pointing dog and hunterVizsla hunting dog retrieving snow goose, North DakotaVizsla hunting dog with harvested game, North DakotaVizsla hunting dog pointingVizsla dog runningVizsla hunting dog pointing-2Vizsla hunting dog pointing-2-2

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