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Created 4-Jun-12
50 photos

Pictures of redhead ducks.
Redhead Duck in FlightRedhead Duck in Flight-2Redhead Duck Mating FlightRedhead Ducks in FlightRedhead FlockRedheads - Flaps DownRedheads FlushingRedheads FlyingRedheads in Flight-2Redheads LandingA flock of redheads in flightA Small Flock of Redhead Ducks in FlightDivers and BNSF Train-1Mallards and Redheads on a PondRedhead Duck Pair - North Dakota SloughRedhead DucksRedhead Ducks Landing on an Icy SloughRedhead Ducks Landing on an Icy Slough-3Redhead Ducks Landing on an Icy Slough-4Redhead Ducks on an Icy Slough

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