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Created 4-Jun-12
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Photographs of Natural Patterns.
Stream Reflection SymmetrySandstone Patterns at -The Wave- on the Arizona - Utah Border-3Snow Covered Hills in the Des Lacs River Valley, North Dakota-2Sandstone Patterns at -The Wave-, Arizona - Utah Border-2Sunset Reflection on the Lake, North DakotaPatterns in the Field, North DakotaIce PatternsSandstone Patterns at -The Wave-, Arizona - Utah Border-8Winter Cattail ReflectionMud PatternsWave Patterns and American AvocetsChew Patterns on a TreeReflections - North Dakota SloughSand Patterns-1Sand PatternsWeed Patterns on a SloughPatterns in the Field, North Dakota-2Badland Cliff PatternsLeaves and FeatherAlligator Back

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