Stoney Lonesome Photos | Snow, Frost, and Ice
Created 4-Jun-12
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Scenic photographs of snow, frost and ice.
Frosty trees on the Dakota prairie (1 of 1)Frosty Trees on the Dakota PrairieCanada geese on the Missouri on a Snowy EveningSnow on a Leafy BranchSnow - Covered TreesIce Breaking Up on Lake Sakakawea, North DakotaIce on the Missouri River, North DakotaIce on the Missouri, North DakotaIce Patterns on a StreamIce Patterns on a Stream-2Canada Geese at Dawn on Lake Sakakawea, North Dakota-2Frosty MailboxEagles and Ducks on a Frosty Missouri River Morning, North DakotaEagles and Ducks on a Frosty Missouri River Morning, North Dakota-2Old Silo on a Frosty Morning, near Pick City, North DakotaAbandoned Building on a Frosty Morning, North DakotaOld Silo on a Frosty Morning, Central North DakotaLake Audubon at Dusk, North Dakota-2Frosty Shelterbelt at SunriseFrosty Fence at Dawn

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