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Created 4-Jun-12
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Scenic images from South Dakota's Black Hills.
Scenery, Needles, Black Hills, South Dakota-3Views of Mount Rushmore, South Dakota-4Scenery, Needles, Black Hills, South DakotaViews of Mount Rushmore, South DakotaMotorcycles on the Needles Highway in the Black Hills of South DakotaScenery, Needles, Black Hills, South Dakota-4Harney Peak Watchtower-7Harney Peak Watchtower-8Harney Peak Watchtower-10Harney Peak Watchtower-11Harney Peak Watchtower-12Harney Peak WatchtowerHarney Peak Lookout Tower-2Harney Peak Lookout Tower-6Harney Peak Lookout Tower-7Harney Peak Lookout Tower-9Harney Peak PanoramaNeedles in the South Dakota Black HillsFoundation of the Abandoned Bismarck Gold Mine - Mickelson Trail, Black Hills of SDMickelson Trail, Black Hills of SD-2

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