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Created 4-Jun-12
327 photos

Images of wildlife and plants that are wall worthy......
Bald Eagle in Flight-2Bald Eagle on the Beach, Anchor Point, Alaska-2Mallard Ducks FlushingMallard Ducks FlyingMallard Ducks Landing-5Mallard Ducks Landing-16Mallard Ducks Landing-26Mallards on a PondPintails FlyingRuddy Duck Drake on Pond-6Swans and Ducks at SunriseWaterfowl over a North Dakota Slough at Sunrise-2Waterfowl over a North Dakota Slough at SunriseWood Duck on a Marsh Bank-2Wood Ducks Resting on a BranchRedheads on an Icy Pond-4Redheads on an Icy Pond-6Redheads in Flight-2Redhead Duck Mating FlightBlue-winged teal and Shoveler on a Bank

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