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Created 4-Jun-12
51 photos

Images of goldeneye ducks.
Common Mergansers and GoldeneyesGoldeneye Ducks - Head ThrowsGoldeneye Ducks and GullGoldeneye Ducks Fighting-6Goldeneye Ducks Fighting-7Goldeneye Ducks Fighting-8Goldeneye Ducks FightingGoldeneye Ducks Head ThrowsGoldeneye Ducks Take-off RunGoldeneyes in FlightGoldeneyes in Mating Displays-10Goldeneyes in Mating Displays-11Goldeneyes in Mating Displays-13Goldeneyes in Mating Displays-16Goldeneyes in Mating Displays-18Goldeneyes in Mating DisplaysGoldeneyes Displaying-2-2Goldeneyes Displaying-2Goldeneyes Displaying-5Goldeneyes Displaying-6

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