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Thanks for visiting Stoney Lonesome Photos, DeVane Webster's on-line photo gallery!  The photos in these pages were selected from a library of over 160,000 images. Here's hoping you'll find something here that you will enjoy!

Stoney Lonesome Photos is a gallery of fine art and stock images distilled from a large collection of photographs taken over almost five decades. The primary theme of the galleries are outdoor-related landscape, wildlife, and travel photographs, along with an extensive collection of related images. While a few of these images were made with film, the great majority were taken with high resolution digital equipment. Stoney Lonesome Photos is based in Bismarck, North Dakota and many of the images are from central and western North Dakota and surrounding states. In addition, extensive collections of photos from many National Parks, many of the other 50 states, and Canada, Mexico, South America, Africa and Europe are exhibited. DeVane Webster is the owner and primary photographer featured in Stoney Lonesome Photos.

 His photography has been published in several local and national publications, including Men's Journal, Rider, Bowhunter, Ducks Unlimited, Pheasants Forever, Nature's Best Photography, North Dakota Outdoors, North Dakota Water Magazine, and others.

The name "Stoney Lonesome Photos" came from the nickname given a rocky, desolate piece of land in north-central North Dakota that DeVane's father's family farmed when his father was a youth. The land was really too rocky for raising crops, but it held sharptail grouse, ducks, ground squirrels, and fox. DeVane is fortunate to often find himself on a remote spot of prairie that reminds him of "stoney lonesome".

As you browse the photo galleries, you may notice that it concentrates on landscapes and wildlife within a day or two's drive of Bismarck, which enables DeVane to become very familiar with his subjects. Time in the field translates into more opportunities to see the beautiful and unusual. The work exhibited on this website reflects thousands of hours of field experience in the western and central states. 

It is important to make photographs which accurately depict the subject as it is actually viewed in the field. This can be difficult during low light and high contrast conditions, since the human eye allows us to enjoy a wider range of colors and shades than either film or digital sensors can accurately capture. DeVane strives to duplicate on the print or image file that which was visible in the viewfinder when the photo was captured. 

The select fine art images in these galleries are available as high quality and long-lasting professional prints. Stoneylonesomephotos uses a top professional photo lab for printing images on paper, canvas, acrylic, metal, and wood.  Framing and other finishing options are available as part of the ordering process. If you are interested in triptychs or other custom print configurations, we'll  be happy to work with you on a specific piece or collection.

 Of course, the watermarks present on the images on this site will not be on the print or download.

DeVane has many thousands of quality images which are not included on this site. If you are looking for a particular image, drop him a note. He may have just what you are looking for! Also, if you have questions on any of the images, ordering, or comments on this site, contact him!

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