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Images of Bald Eagles.
A Large Group of Bald Eagles Perched in a Tree-2Bald Eagle on an Alaskan BeachD:\TIFFS\Digital\2007\JanuaryEagles in a Tree at SunsetBald Eagle in Flight-2Bald Eagles and Sandhill Cranes, Bosque del Apache, New MexicoD:\TIFFS\Digital\2007\JanuaryBald Eagle Perched in a Tree-2Bald Eagle in a Nest, North DakotaBald Eagle Perched in a TreeBald Eagle on a Lightpole, Homer, AlaskaBald Eagle on an Alaskan Beach-5Bald Eagle on an Alaskan Beach-6Bald Eagle on an Alaskan Beach-7Bald Eagle on an Alaskan Beach-8Bald Eagle in FlightBald Eagle Perched in a Tree-3Bald Eagle Perched in a Tree-2-2Bald Eagle in Flight-3Bald Eagle in Flight-4

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