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Images of humpback whales.
Humpback Whale Breaching-21Humpback Whale Breaching-17Humpback Whale Tail-Slapping-5Humpback Whale Showing his Flukes and Flippers-22Humpback Whale Breaching-26Humpback Whale Showing his Flukes and Flippers-15Humpback Whale Tail-Slapping-7Humpback Whale BlowingHumpback Whale Blowing-2Humpback Whale BreachingHumpback Whale Breaching-15Humpback Whale Breaching-16Humpback Whale Breaching-18Humpback Whale Breaching-19Humpback Whale Breaching-20Humpback Whale Breaching-22Humpback Whale Breaching-23Humpback Whale Breaching-24Humpback Whale Breaching-25Humpback Whale Breaching-27

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