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Images of wildlife and plants that are wall worthy......
Cedar Waxwing-2An Angry Bison with a Broken Horn, North Dakota BadlandsCanada Goose with Goslings under her Wing-2Bison Breath, Cold Winter MorningBlue-winged teal and Shoveler on a BankCommon Loons - Foggy SunriseHumpback Whale Tail-Slapping-5Mallard Ducks FlushingMule Deer Bucks in Western North DakotaPrairie Chicken Dancing in the Snow-30Rattlesnake Coiled to StrikeSleeping Sandhill Cranes-1Wave Patterns and American AvocetsBrown Bears Fighting, AlaskaCoyotes HowlingFall MilkweedHungarian Partridge in the Snow (3 of 5)Loon Family at Sunrise-1Pheasant Crowing on a Fence Corner (2 of 3)Rooster Pheasant (8 of 10)

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